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The Perfect Man – Fathers Day


Happy Fathers Day!

One Tough Mother – Mothers Day


There’s a magical power that facilitates turning helpless newborn babies into mature, well-balanced adults.  It’s called motherhood.  And the secret ingredient of a good mother is a holy relationship with God.

Listen to the podcast to hear how God turned everything around in the life of one particular mom.

Those are My Kids


Get your pencils out, it’s test time!

How do you think you stand up to God’s Top 10?

Have a listen and see how you come out.



There is no greater gift than forgiveness.  The fact that God is even willing to pardon our past and wipe the slate clean is amazing–especially considering the fact that there’s no way we could ever make up for rebelling against the good life he has called us to live.

So in turn the greatest gift that we could share is to pass on the same kind of forgiveness that we receive.  It can be a life changer.

Of course that’s hard to do is you’ve never received the grace of God in your own life.  So if you want to know just how good it is, there’s no time like the present to find out what having a new life is all about!

Weak Strength


The Winter Olympics are well under way.  And the world’s fastest, strongest, highest flying, and most talented individuals are competing in the snow and ice of Russia.  But there’s a man who outdid them all when it comes to pure strength.

You’ve probably heard of Samson, and some of his “strengths” and weaknesses.  But what do you know about his faith?  Have a listen, and see what you think.

You CAN Handle the Truth!


Have you ever felt overwhelmed, out of control, pushed to the breaking point?  Have you ever wondered where God is at times like that?  Has anyone ever told you “God will never give you more than you can handle” when you felt like you had already lost control?  Do you think God gave you more than you could handle?

I would guess if you are reading this, that so far you have survived everything you’ve experienced.  So do you think God never gives you more than you can handle?

What about people who are martyred for their faith around the world.  Did God give them more than they could handle?

Listen to the message below and tell me what you think.

Jed Smock – It’s Time to Take Back the Rainbow


It’s not uncommon for the world to usurp the things that God has made and abuse and misuse them in ungodly ways.  It’s a terrible thing to see, and has brought much pain and suffering to out world.  But it’s even worse when wicked people take a symbol and seal of God and use it to represent a life of sin and rebellion.

This morning we were glad to have Jed Smock of The Campus Ministry USA as a guest speaker speak about this very thing.

We hope you will be blessed by his message–either that, or convicted in your heart and motivated to repentance, which in and of itself would be a blessing. 🙂

If you would like more information about Brother Jed and his missionary work, his website is


Prepare to Meet Your Maker


There have been too many negative impacts on our culture in what has been called the “Fatherless Generation” because so many dads have abandoned their families and kids have been raised without a dad in their lives.  But it seems like these days, our society is embracing the idea of broken families as a positive.  It’s like they have decided that the traditional family is not such a good thing—that there are no real benefits to having a mom and a dad who get married have kids and raise a family together.  But the truth is that our society has suffered because of the lack of responsibility of so many fathers.  And our culture has discounted the impact that good, godly fathers can have on, not only in their own families, but on society as a whole.  A Godly dad inspires courage, compassion, morality, and most important of all soul-saving faith in his progeny.  And if you multiply those qualities across a society of children you wind up with a courageous, compassionate, moral, and faithful generation, which benefits society with people who increase kindness, hard work, prosperity, and prayer.  And when that happens, the nation and the world becomes a better place to live—not to mention a lot more people who enjoy a living relationship with the Lord.

How to be the Perfect Mom – Mothers Day


Being a mom is so much more than just the things mom does for her family.  So many moms are always on the go getting things done, from household chores to playing games to taking kids where they need to go and so many other things.  But a great mom isn’t just the stuff she does, it’s who she is.  It’s a heart full of love that is poured out for her family, making sacrifices to care for her kids because her heart is so full for her loved ones, that really makes a mom.  And that is what truly makes a mom so wonderful!

Open Door Policy – Christmas 2012


Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope?  You didn’t know where to turn or what to do?  You felt trapped and powerless?  It’s a state that many have been in.  And people have made many attempts at escape from it.  But the only real release–the only real freedom is found in Jesus.  He is the only one who can open the door to true peace and fulfillment.