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The Perfect Man – Fathers Day


Happy Fathers Day!

Bringing Up Baby – Fathers Day


It’s sad enough when you hear about a tragedy like a school shooting.  But then people seem to turn it into an opportunity to promote their favorite politics.  And that turns a bad situation into a worse one.  Lately people having been arguing for and against things like gun control and armed security in schools and medicating children and various other things that deal with the symptoms of of the problem.  But I don’t hear anybody talking about teaching basic morality to children–or even adults.  We’ve left the training of our children to a public school system that has a hard time producing kids who can read and do math, much less kids who follow the Golden Rule.

I think our society has abdicated its responsibility of raising children who can be a benefit to society.  If you want to have less crime and a better economy and a better world all around, one thing we need is fathers with moral character who will model integrity and excellence for their children to follow.