Pastorfrog.com is all about presenting biblical truth in a down-to-earth way.  It’s meant to make you use your own brain as you consider the statements made and questions asked here.  At the moment, most of the posts have links to past sermons.  Hopefully, you will find yourself challenged as you listen to them regardless of who or what you put your faith in.

It’s all about digging into the Bible from a common sense perspective.  The Bible, while it is intricately tied together as a collection of inspired books and full of deep wisdom and insight, is for the most part plain and simple truth.  And it is presented in a straightforward manner.

The Bible was originally written in the common languages of the day (Hebrew, Greek, and a touch of Aramaic).  It was shared and memorized and passed down from parents to children so that everybody could know just what the scriptures said.  And it was written in ordinary wording that wasn’t meant to be only for the well educated.  Unfortunately, a lot of people in history have tried to keep the Bible out of the hands and minds of common people.  They did things like write it in Latin and only teach Latin to an inner circle of folks.  Many leaders have made the Bible illegal to own or read.  In fact it’s still illegal in a number of countries.  And of course lots of people have tried to burn it out of existence.  But wouldn’t you know it, the Bible has lasted for thousands of years in great shape.  The sad thing is, now that it’s freely available, and so many households in America have multiple Bibles in them, so few people, in comparison, know what the Bible talks about anymore.  They don’t bother to read it because it’s either in an ancient form of English or it’s gotten a reputation of being boring or too hard to understand.

Of course, the Bible is a very rich book, and it offers the reader a lifetime of adventure and education.  But when it comes to understanding the basics, the Bible really does put things in a clear and concise way.  Hopefully this site will be an encouragement for you to read the Bible on your own with open eyes and a willingness to take it as it is written–the Word of God.

But be careful!  It might just change your life!