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The Perfect Man – Fathers Day


Happy Fathers Day!

One Tough Mother – Mothers Day


There’s a magical power that facilitates turning helpless newborn babies into mature, well-balanced adults.  It’s called motherhood.  And the secret ingredient of a good mother is a holy relationship with God.

Listen to the podcast to hear how God turned everything around in the life of one particular mom.

Those are My Kids


Get your pencils out, it’s test time!

How do you think you stand up to God’s Top 10?

Have a listen and see how you come out.

A Space Shuttle that Builds Itself


The miracle of human development is staggeringly complex.  The changes and growth that take place even in the first day following conception are simply amazing–much less the developmental changes that occur in the following weeks and months.  To be able to see what is taking place on a microscopic level reveals Darwinian evolution as a biological absurdity.  Of course the Bible reveals the truth of God’s amazing creation even without the ability we now have to see the intricate mechanics of early development.  But the more capabilities we develop for scientific understanding of what happens in a mother’s womb, the more clear it should become that abortion at any stage is so obviously the destruction of a human being, and that all members of the human race have the same God given rights regardless of their level of development or ability.

Prepare to Meet Your Maker


There have been too many negative impacts on our culture in what has been called the “Fatherless Generation” because so many dads have abandoned their families and kids have been raised without a dad in their lives.  But it seems like these days, our society is embracing the idea of broken families as a positive.  It’s like they have decided that the traditional family is not such a good thing—that there are no real benefits to having a mom and a dad who get married have kids and raise a family together.  But the truth is that our society has suffered because of the lack of responsibility of so many fathers.  And our culture has discounted the impact that good, godly fathers can have on, not only in their own families, but on society as a whole.  A Godly dad inspires courage, compassion, morality, and most important of all soul-saving faith in his progeny.  And if you multiply those qualities across a society of children you wind up with a courageous, compassionate, moral, and faithful generation, which benefits society with people who increase kindness, hard work, prosperity, and prayer.  And when that happens, the nation and the world becomes a better place to live—not to mention a lot more people who enjoy a living relationship with the Lord.

How to be the Perfect Mom – Mothers Day


Being a mom is so much more than just the things mom does for her family.  So many moms are always on the go getting things done, from household chores to playing games to taking kids where they need to go and so many other things.  But a great mom isn’t just the stuff she does, it’s who she is.  It’s a heart full of love that is poured out for her family, making sacrifices to care for her kids because her heart is so full for her loved ones, that really makes a mom.  And that is what truly makes a mom so wonderful!

Bringing Up Baby – Fathers Day


It’s sad enough when you hear about a tragedy like a school shooting.  But then people seem to turn it into an opportunity to promote their favorite politics.  And that turns a bad situation into a worse one.  Lately people having been arguing for and against things like gun control and armed security in schools and medicating children and various other things that deal with the symptoms of of the problem.  But I don’t hear anybody talking about teaching basic morality to children–or even adults.  We’ve left the training of our children to a public school system that has a hard time producing kids who can read and do math, much less kids who follow the Golden Rule.

I think our society has abdicated its responsibility of raising children who can be a benefit to society.  If you want to have less crime and a better economy and a better world all around, one thing we need is fathers with moral character who will model integrity and excellence for their children to follow.

Listen to Mommy! – Mothers Day


What makes a mom?  Is it just the fact that a woman gets pregnant and has a kid?  Or is there more to it?  I think there’s something to be said for all those qualities that are worthy of honor; the willingness to sacrifice her own wants to care for her kids, fighting to protect her children from people and things that she knows will harm them, constantly making opportunities to teach her kids the things that will help them become better people.  I think all moms should be encouraged to be good moms and should be respected and honored for their dedication to their children.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – Father’s Day


A good dad is good to find.  It seems like the role of fatherhood has been dragged through the mud by many in our culture and mass media.  Fortunately we still have the best example to live by, in our Heavenly Father, God.  After all, that exactly the standard we are all called to live up to.  Jesus said, “You are to be perfect, even as my Father in Heaven is perfect.”

So don’t drop the ball dads.  Be the father you are called to be!

Make Mom Smile


How much better would the world be if all moms were godly and loving, and all kids did what their moms told them to do?  I think most moms love their kids, and want the best for them.  How many kids go astray because they refuse to listen to Mom’s wisdom and guidance?  With Mothers Day approaching, maybe it’s a good time to reevaluate whether or not your life has honored Mom–and if you are a mom–whether your life has honored God.