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Missions Conference – Danny Jaynes


We had a great presentation by Danny Jaynes who is a missionary to Africa and Indonesia.  He encouraged us to share the Good News and to live your life in such a way that you could look forward to hearing God say those wonderful words: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I hope you enjoy his talk as much as I did.

Jony & Amber Cruz – Christian Duty


Here is a missionary report and a message on love from two of my friends who help to run an orphanage in Mexico.  The message is a good challenge to all Christians on how the love of Christ is extreme, and how the proof of being one of Christ’s disciples is found in that kind of love.

Jed Smock – It’s Time to Take Back the Rainbow


It’s not uncommon for the world to usurp the things that God has made and abuse and misuse them in ungodly ways.  It’s a terrible thing to see, and has brought much pain and suffering to out world.  But it’s even worse when wicked people take a symbol and seal of God and use it to represent a life of sin and rebellion.

This morning we were glad to have Jed Smock of The Campus Ministry USA as a guest speaker speak about this very thing.

We hope you will be blessed by his message–either that, or convicted in your heart and motivated to repentance, which in and of itself would be a blessing. 🙂

If you would like more information about Brother Jed and his missionary work, his website is


Entering the Peace


This is a message given by a friend of mine who is a missionary from Poland, named Wiesiek Stebnicki.  He dealt with how issues of pain and suffering and difficulty can be dealt with through Christian faith, and how we can find peace in the midst of life’s difficulties.

It’s a great talk and I thought it was definitely worth sharing!