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Daniel Chapter 11 – Part 3: North vs. South


It’s amazing just how much God gives us to be assured that he is for real, and that Christians don’t just have blind faith in some off-the-shelf religion.  This chapter is jam packed with prophetic details foretelling events centuries before they happened with such detail that the only explanation is a supernatural God with the power to do what he does.

Spiritual Veterans


I spent 4 years serving in the Navy and this was a talk I shared for Veteran’s Day.  It’s interesting to consider what people think of when they read the warfare metaphors in the Bible.  Warfare and military service is much different today than it was in Jesus’ day.  So the pictures that come to mind for us when we “put on the whole armor of God” are different than even a generation ago, much less a couple millennia ago.  But what’s great is that the Spiritual strength we get from God has never changed!