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Daniel Chapter 10 – Part 3: Angel Wars 2


Most of the time, you probably don’t think about the fact that what we are always floating on a massive ocean of molten rock.  The grass and trees and oceans and streams, the mountains, the valleys–everything we typically think of when we think of the earth that we live on is really just a thin skin wrapped around a core of fiery hot lava, that would burn us all up in no time if we were exposed to it.

Usually we don’t even see any of it.  Once in awhile there might be a volcanic eruption and we get a quick glimpse of the heat and energy hidden beneath our feet.

Similarly, we don’t typically see the power and action going on in heavenly realms.  But once in a while we catch a glimpse of what is happening in the realm of angels, and Daniel chapter 10 offers one of those glimpses.

Daniel Chapter 10 – Part 2: Angel Wars


What do you think it would be like to meet an angel face to face?  My guess is that it’s nothing like you’ve ever imagined.  When people in the Bible meet angels, much of the time they are paralyzed with fear and they fall on their faces.  So if an angel actually revealed itself to you, more than likely it would be a terrifying event.  At the same time, it would make for the story of a lifetime, because angels aren’t sent to people for the fun of it.  They always come bearing important news.

So do you think it would be worth it to be scared half-to-death in order to receive a personal message from the Lord?

Spiritual Veterans


I spent 4 years serving in the Navy and this was a talk I shared for Veteran’s Day.  It’s interesting to consider what people think of when they read the warfare metaphors in the Bible.  Warfare and military service is much different today than it was in Jesus’ day.  So the pictures that come to mind for us when we “put on the whole armor of God” are different than even a generation ago, much less a couple millennia ago.  But what’s great is that the Spiritual strength we get from God has never changed!