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Door’s Open!


Ever wondered why your prayers aren’t being answered or if God is even listening? We’ve all been there. But Jesus says if you knock, the door is open.

Realistic Resolutions


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2014?  Want to know how to follow through on your goals?  Here’s a tip.

Daniel Chapter 9 – Part 5: A Surprise Visit


Love can move mountains.  The question is, can love move you?  God has shown so much love already.  Has your heart been touched?

Click on the link to hear a little bit more about the power of love.

Daniel Chapter 9 – Part 4: Pray for God’s Sake


Do you pray?  What do you usually pray for?  Have you ever thought about how your motivations and even your attitude about prayer could make a big difference in your prayer life?  Maybe it’s worth considering.
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Daniel Chapter 9 – Part 3: A Signed Confession


Have you ever noticed that it’s kind of an unusual event when somebody confesses to a crime?  People don’t like to admit to being wrong.  You can see some wonderful examples of that in our own government lately.  But all sorts of people do this.  The problem with that though, is that you can’t solve a problem that “doesn’t exist.”  You have to admit there is a problem before you can fix it.

So since we live in a culture of “It’s not my fault” and “Don’t judge me” and “Nobody’s perfect”, nothing ever gets any better because people hide behind excuses.  Daniel gave a great example of beginning the healing and restoration process for his whole nation, by first admitting that they had totally screwed things up and that it was their fault and that they need God’s help to get right again.

If you’d like to see healing and restoration in your own life or your marriage or family or even country, this pray of Daniel is a good example to follow.

Click the link to hear what he was praying about.

Daniel Chapter 9 – Part 2: God’s Will Power


Do you pray?  What’s your prayer life like?  Do you feel power in it or is it more like you’re talking to the ceiling?  Would you like to know the power of prayer?  You’ll find it in the will of God and his goodness.

The Blessings of a Good Church Family


There is nothing quite like a good church family.  I took my family to church tonight like we usually do.  We have a Wednesday night prayer meeting, where everybody shares the things that have been going on in their lives, and we pray for the people in our church and families and loved ones and our neighbors and coworkers and government leaders and whoever else God might lay on our hearts.  And pretty much every time, there is a group praying at church, somebody mentions me (and my family too).  It happens on Wednesday’s and Sundays and other days that we happen to get together.  And it just reminds me that I am so blessed to have a church family that cares about me and prays for me.  Of course it’s not about me, because they pray for everybody else in the church too.  They pray for people who might be sick or having family issues or looking for a job or any other need.  And they pray for people who are sharing their faith and reaching out to the world with the Gospel.  They give thanks to God for everything he does in our lives.  They show so much care for one another through their fellowship and their prayer and helping one another and taking care of each other.  And it’s just so good.

Of course that’s what church is all about.  It’s not about a preacher or a Sunday morning program or a youth ministry or a building or any of the things we so often define our churches by these days.  The Bible describes the church as a living body, made of many different parts.  And we come together through the direction and power of Jesus, and we support and encourage one another in our mission to make disciples.  We spur one another on to good works.  And we counsel and lend aid and take care of one an other.  That’s what biblical church is.

I’ve heard so many people say that you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.  And technically that’s true.  Repenting of sin and choosing to trust and obey Jesus is a personal choice that only you can make for yourself.  But living as a Christian apart from the church is like a part of the body living apart from the body.  If you could get a hand or a foot or an eyeball or an ear to survive apart from the body, that would be an impressive medical feat.  But what would be the point of a hand or foot or eyeball or ear without the rest of the body?  We were meant to come together and work as one to make the world a better place.  So the people who think that church is just a thing you do once or twice a week, totally miss the point.  We aren’t meant to only GO to church.  We are meant to BE the church!  And any Christian who doesn’t know that and live that, is missing out on a lot.

Anyway, I was just feeling thankful because of my church family and felt like sharing.  Of course the real thanks goes to God.  He’s the one that has helped to transform the lives of people who are a living part of our church body.  He’s the one who helped every one of us become a part of him and be filled with his spirit to work and pray and live as a real church family.  And I am so grateful to God and to my brothers and sisters of the  church for the prayers and support and encouragement that they continue to give me and my family.  And I pray that you know that kind of love and connection too.

If you’re missing that–if you’re a Christian “orphan”–you definitely need to get connected to a godly church where you can experience this blessing.  And if you can’t find one, let me know…you can come be a part of my church family. 🙂

For His Name’s Sake


Have you ever thought about what it means to have the Lord as your shepherd?  Jesus said “I am the good shepherd.”  He said other people might play the part and pretend to be like that.  But nobody will ever care for you like Jesus, because they’re only like hired hands.  When trouble comes they’ll take off and leave you to fend for yourself.  They’ll let the wolves eat you because they’re just in it for the money.  They’re not willing to put their lives on the line for you.  But Jesus already gave his life for you.

It really is good to have a Good Shepherd.

A Walk Through the Book of Romans: Chapter 15


CHAPTER FIFTEEN – A Well Oiled Machine

I watched a documentary today about how Clay County, Kentucky (and specifically the city of Manchester) has gone through a miraculous change because of unity in the church.  They were top in the nation for prescription drug abuse, and many people were dying because of crystal meth and other drugs.  So finally the city reached a breaking point where all the churches in town got angry at the drug problem because it was killing their children.  So for the first time all the churches united in passionate prayer and marched against corruption in their government and lawlessness in their community, and God showed up in response to the church uniting in prayer.

So the town changed in so many ways.  Many former drug users became Christians, the churches began to fill up, people in the government and schools all turned to God.  Drug dealers and corrupted city officials were arrested and jailed.  The town itself was cleaned up and beautified.  Business began to build and even the local plant and animal life has grown with numbers that haven’t been up for 50 years.

When people turn to God, it makes a difference.  The question is, what will it take for the church to unite in other cities and become a well-oiled machine for the glory of God?

Prayer is My Middle Name


Do you know how to run?  I don’t mean you are a marathoner or anything like that.  I just mean, if you were being chased by a bear or a zombie or a clown, would you be able to run?

Do you remember learning how to run?  Did you take running lessons to be able to put one foot in front of the other in rapid succession?  I’ll bet you don’t remember the first time you ran.  It’s one of those abilities that most people just know how to do.  Obviously we have to learn how to run.  And before that we have to learn how to walk, and before that crawl, and before that roll over.  But even before kindergarten, most of us have running down pat.

Now, how about prayer?  Do you know how to pray?  Has it become one of those things that you just know how to do.  Some people I know have told me they don’t know how to pray, and I think “How can anybody not know how to pray?”  I think praying is definitely easier than running–and definitely more rewarding.

How about you.  Can you pray?  Would you like to?

PS. Sorry about the sound quality of this one.  It’s pretty bad.