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A Walk Through the Book of Romans: Chapter 2



I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “You reap what you sow.”  Did you know it’s really true?  It’s not just a saying.  If you live a good life and help others and always do what’s right and obey God in everything you do, then you will reap the good fruit of integrity and character and peace and joy.  But if you sow dishonesty and gossip and sinfulness, you will reap judgment and punishment and death.  Do you believe it?  Do you believe it enough to change the way you live?

Either way you’ll end up believing it.  On that day when you stand before the Great Judge of the universe, you’ll believe you reap what you sow because you’ll experience it in a deeper reality than you’ve ever experienced before.

My suggestion: get right with Jesus today.  Change your life and ask God to forgive you so that you can start living for him now and reap a good fruit rather than a bad harvest.

By the People


It’s been a year since the last presidential election. Remember all the commotion and excitement around the race for president? And now people are already upset about the government again. And once again politicians promised change, and delivered a lot of the same, old thing. They’re writing checks that the country can’t cash, quibbling over partisan nonsense, and ignoring all the things they said during their campaigns. Yet, every time there’s another race people get excited again. It’s like they think there’s going to be some amazing difference this time. But the truth is that real changes come when the American people stand up and take responsibility for their own nation. The government is not only supposed to work for us–it’s supposed to be us. And if we really want to see change, it’s going to mean changing ourselves and forcing our political leaders to do what we tell them to do or get out of the way and let us do it ourselves.
Anyway, this is a short talk I gave during the last presidential campaign. Enjoy!