The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Part 2


There are some people, who obviously haven’t ever studied the teachings of Jesus, who say he was simply a good, moral teacher, which is just goofy, because if they had read the things Jesus said and still didn’t believe that he was the Son of God, they would have to call him a total nut-job or a wicked deceiver.  The religious leaders of Jerusalem didn’t kill Jesus because he was a good teacher.  They killed him because he claimed to be God, and people were following him and believing in him and that made the leaders extremely jealous.  And then Jesus went and rose from the dead and made things extremely inconvenient for the establishment.

Obviously, Jesus was a moral teacher, but it’s impossible to leave it at that…unless of course you have an agenda to deny any truth that might cause you to have to face the reality of your personal responsibility for your choices to break God’s law and live a sinful and selfish life.

Just sayin’.


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