Dry Grass


So we’ve been having this heat wave go through the whole Midwest, and everybody on the news is telling people how dangerous it is and to drink lots of water and stay indoors when possible.  You’d think people had never been outside on a hot day before.  It really hasn’t seemed all that hot to me.  But I sure am glad not to be putting on a new roof or anything like that lately.  And I’m also glad that we got a reprieve from the hot sun,  My yard had been getting pretty brown, and I noticed some clouds out in the distance.  So I asked God if he could give us a couple inches for the crops and the grass.  And guess what?  We got 2 & 1/4 inches.  It was a real blessing.

But you know, even if we hadn’t gotten any rain, there is still so much to be thankful for.  There might be dry grass in the yard.  But in the heart of a true Christian, the grass is always green.


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