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A Space Shuttle that Builds Itself


The miracle of human development is staggeringly complex.  The changes and growth that take place even in the first day following conception are simply amazing–much less the developmental changes that occur in the following weeks and months.  To be able to see what is taking place on a microscopic level reveals Darwinian evolution as a biological absurdity.  Of course the Bible reveals the truth of God’s amazing creation even without the ability we now have to see the intricate mechanics of early development.  But the more capabilities we develop for scientific understanding of what happens in a mother’s womb, the more clear it should become that abortion at any stage is so obviously the destruction of a human being, and that all members of the human race have the same God given rights regardless of their level of development or ability.

Christmas Forever


Do you love Christmas?  How would you like to keep Christmas alive all year, every year?  Would that be a good feeling to have all the time?

Realistic Resolutions


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2014?  Want to know how to follow through on your goals?  Here’s a tip.

Daniel Chapter 12 – Part 3: Is This The End?


Here’s the final message in a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching on.  I hope you enjoy the final message, which deals with how close we are to the end of the world!  Have fun!

Daniel Chapter 12 – Part 2: Understanding


Isn’t it just amazing how advanced we are compared to civilizations from a couple thousands years ago?  And isn’t it also amazing how many similarities our own modern culture shares with ancient empires?  So how do you think things are going to play out when the end of the world comes?

Daniel Chapter 12 – Part 1: It Gets Worse


Almost everybody likes a happy ending.  Whether it’s a book or a movie or real life, we all like to see things come out ok in the end.  But just like many books and movies, before the end of time in the real life, things are going to get worse before they get better.

Daniel Chapter 11 – Part 7: Beauty and the Beast


There are plenty of theories about the Antichrist out there: who is he, where is he from, how is it that he gets away with killing Christians, how does he exert so much influence over the world?  This weeks audio provides a theory that perhaps you haven’t heard before.

Daniel Chapter 11 – Part 6: Armageddon Outta Here!


Jesus said that the poor would always be with us, but that we are called to help them anyway.  So a good Christian who is able to share reaches out to his brothers and sisters who are in need.  In the same way, end times prophecy makes it pretty clear that we will always have war, and that real world peace will always elude us.  Nevertheless we can help bring real peace to the hearts and souls of individuals by introducing them to the Prince of Peace.  Jesus Christ can help you to know what it’s like to have calm through all the storms of life.

Daniel Chapter 11 – Part 5: The Time of Wrath


You always hear about THE antichrist who will come in the end times and do all sorts of bad things.  But there has been foreshadowing of  this same destructive person going back long before Jesus was even born.  And Jesus even referenced Daniel’s prophecy in in order to warn people what to look out for in the future.

Daniel Chapter 11 – Part 4: Despicable He


And you thought you had it bad!

A large portion of Daniel 11 is dedicated to one man.  But he is not remembered for his brave deeds or his faithfulness.  He is recorded in Scripture and history as a despicable madman.  And he focuses his mad rage upon the Jews and leaves a bloody trail of wretched deeds behind him.

If you’re not satisfied with the government, just wait till you hear what this national leader did to his subjects.